What is the EDPB?

What is the EDPB?

The European Data Protection Board or EDPB is an independent advisory body of the European Union composed of the supervisory authority of each EU country together with the European Data Protection Supervisor, and tasked with, among other things,  monitoring the correct application of the GDPR, advising the European Commission on data protection, issuing guidelines, recommendations and best practices, encouraging the establishment of codes of conduct, providing opinions, and promoting common training.

On 5/25/2018 the EDPB replaced the WP29. EDPB has endorsed many of the WP29 guidelines.


EDPB website:


Article 29 Working Party Archives 1997-2016


Current list of National Data Protection Authorities, members of the European Data Protection Board


GDPR, Article 68 (3)


The Article 29 Working Party Ceased to Exist as of May 25, 2018


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