What is the Electronic Privacy Directive of 2002 (“ePrivacy Directive”)?

What is the Electronic Privacy Directive of 2002?

The Electronic Privacy Directive of 2002, formally known as the  e-Privacy Directive, is a European Union directive on data protection and privacy and covers a number of areas of privacy, including the use of cookies, the regulation of spam, treatment of web traffic data, and confidentiality of information.

The e-Privacy Directive establishes an opt-in regime for the use of cookies. Information stored in cookies is generally considered personal data, requiring individual consent before personal information can be stored on a person’s computer.

It also established and opt-in regime for email addresses used for marketing purposes, defaulting to prohibition unless consent is given.

The Directive establishes limitations on the retention of data.  Electronic traffic data must be erased or anonymized when no longer needed, with exceptions.

ePrivacy Directive

Amendment to ePrivacy Directive

ePrivacy Regulation Proposal

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