What is a Service Provider under the CCPA?

What is a Service Provider under the CCPA?


  • Legal entity
  • For profit or financial benefit
  • Process “information” (not PI) “on behalf of a business”
  • Business discloses PI for business purpose
  • Disclosure pursuant to a written contract
  • Contract prohibits recipient from retaining, using or disclosing PI for purposes other than in the contract

CCPA § 1798.140 (v)

An entity can be a deemed service provider if it is directed to connect personal information on behalf of a business. CCPA Regs § 999.314.

A service provider that is a business must comply with the CCPA. CCPA Regs § 999.314.

Service providers who are businesses cannot use personal information of on consumer to provide services to another consumer. CCPA Proposed Regs § 999.314.

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