What is Opt-Out Choice?

What is Opt-Out Choice?

Opt-out choice means that a person’s inaction implies that a choice has been made. An example would be where information will be shared unless the person takes action to check or uncheck a box on a web site.

Some U.S. laws require organizations to provide an opt-out option:

  • Video Privacy Protection Act – requires an opt-out option before sharing rental or movie data with a third party
  • CAN-SPAM Act – requires email marketers to provide an opt-out
  • GLBA – requires an opt-out before sharing personal financial data to unaffiliated third parties
  • Do Not Call rules – require an opt-out of telemarketing phone calls

Generally speaking, the E.U’s GDPR and ePrivacy rules prohibit Opt-Out and require Opt-In consent.

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